This is our core business. TiME owns, manages and operates offshore support vessel as well as taking vessel on bare boat basis. TiME is building its capacity and currently constructing new vessels to meet market demand


TiME exclusively represents two drilling services company in Malaysia, Hercules Offshore and Ofdjell Drilling for their drilling rigs. TiME also provides liftboats chartering to meet the need of current offshore activities including the well intervention


TiME capacity in MOPU services covers the activities of designing new concept, maintaining, operating and managing MOPU


TiME has an experienced team to handle fabrication, offshore construction and inspection services.  Our focus is to specialise in minor fabrication involving high end item and specification


TiME also offers support services covering maintenance, manpower, trading and rental. The service provided is guaranteed in term of quality and standard of main players


TiME is capable of providing maintenance, rental and trading services


Launching of TiME Marine Monsoon Season Adverse Weather Safety Campaign
14 October 2016


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:: Provision of one(1) unit AHTS from PETRONAS (2 Years) ::    :: Provision of one(1) unit GPV from ENQUEST (2 Years) ::    :: Provision of one(1) unit SSV DP2 from PETROFAC ::    :: Provision of FRP Grating steel structure from MDPC Sdn Bhd ::    :: Provision of PPI from SapuraKencana HL Sdn Bhd ::

About Us

Developing Ideas & Creating Solutions

TiME MARINE Services Sdn Bhd (1017838-D) was incorporated in Malaysia in 2012 to initially focus on the offshore support vessel chartering. As time passes, we then expanded our business and reformed into a new entity suit the oil and industry. We are not just a company. We are a services partner for all. Now, we are proud and passionate to serve the marine, offshore, oil and gas industry with our experienced and expert workforce.


Since its inception in 2012, TiME Marine Services Sdn Bhd (‘TiME’) has undergone rapid growth and development in the Marine Industry. TiME has become well known in the Malaysian Maritime Industry for introducing a modern and versatile fleet of vessels. TiME delivered its first AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply) vessel, “MV TiME Rina”. TiME is currently focusing with the management and operation of its vessels as well as planning to increase the number of its fleet in order to meet market demand. TiME has embarked on highly strategic partnerships with several shipyards and international drilling companies to accelerate its growth in the market.


TiME strives to provide comprehensive marine services not limited to vessel chartering. With the combined experience of the management team, TiME is able to provide cross chartering, marine vessel management, new vessel construction management and project manage ship repair/ dry docking.


At TiME, we maintain effective incident prevention programs and comply with applicable national and international rules and regulations. We review and upgrade our processes, systems and tools every year to help us create a workplace where individuals feel responsible with regards to their health and safety as well as the environment.


We are committed to fulfill our client requirements. Our seamless organization creates direct lines of communication that facilitate quick decision-making and we are willing to work with clients in new and innovative ways to meet their growing needs. We believe in leveraging and pursuing new technology and are driven to work outside the box in an effort to produce powerful and best-value solutions.


Corporate Statement


To be the preferred services provider in the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and international markets with high quality assets, integrity and professionalism.


To support the industry by offering our customers a full compliance to quality, health, safety and environment.


Uphold the highest standards in health, safety and environmental conservation procedure. No tolerance for compromising the quality, health, safety, and environment policy.

" Teamwork, Integrity, Mutual Respect, Excellence "

Our Services


TiME Marine is constructing new offshore vessels as well as taking vessels on bareboat basis. TiME Marine has prequalified the services to Malaysian Oil companies and PETRONAS. TiME Marine is on bareboat with SSV, AHTS, Fire Fighting Vessel, General Purpose Vessel, Utility Vessel, Minor Maintenance Work Vessel, Safety Standby Vessel, Tug/Mooring Vessel and Fast Crew Boat. We strongly believe that the market demand for such vessels is growing steadily.

Our current vessel as below:


TiME offers full operations, technical and crewing management of Third Party Offshore Vessels. At a lower operating cost, Third Party Offshore Vessels benefit from our experienced team and effective planned maintenance (latest management software), crewing and management systems. We grant access to experienced technical teams on the ground and at our pre-negotiated terms with suppliers. We manage third party vessels with the same dedication and passion as our own.


TiME acts as a commercial manager for a few selected third party owners of Offshore Support Vessels to meet the market demand. Our aim is for third party owners to benefit from the commercial network of TiME with her excellent and constant relationships with its clients. The support to the Third Party owners enables both parties to complement each other and stay ahead of the competition and continuously provide excellent service to the clients. This service is mainly for spot charter with occasionally on long term cross chartering activities.


TiME represents Hercules Offshore Inc and Odfjell Drilling for their drilling rigs in this region. Hercules Offshore operates the largest jack-up rig fleet in the US Gulf of Mexico and the fourth largest worldwide fleet with 37 jack-up rigs while Odfjell Drilling is known for its over 40 years experience in drilling business and currently proud of its sixth generation semi-submersibles have a high degree of logistical independence, ensuring that they are custom-built to deliver cost-effective operations in the world’s most challenging drilling environments.
TiME strives to provide best quality of experienced management, safe operation and services for all units it offers;

  • Jack-Up Rig
  • Semi-Submersible
  • Drill Ship


Liftboat or commonly referred to as the “workhorse” of the offshore industry, are reliable, versatile and self-contained. They provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional pipelay/derrick vessels. With their large, open deck areas, they are self-propelling and self-elevating. We represent Hercules Offshore for the liftboat services and the fleet is capable of providing work platform for a wide range of services, from coiled tubing and wire line operations to well intervention. TiME is committed to support the oil and gas industry by providing liftboat at economical cost.


TiME’s capacity in MOPU services covers the activities of designing new concepts, maintaining, operating and managing the MOPU to perform production operations within Malaysian waters. MOPU offers solutions for improvement to the oil and gas industry through:

  • Flexible and cost effective solutions
  • Fast track development and Relocatable

Our skilled professional teams have provided services to most major offshore oil and gas areas in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With this, we have built up over 15 years of practical experience in all aspects of offshore production services. It is our goal to deliver the services tailored to our client needs and explore new ideas and concepts that facilitate the extraction of oil from fields in Malaysia and the region.


The CE JackTM Monotower is designed by Time Marine and Compass Energy to meet the challenge of maximizing flexibility and minimizing the capital investment of production companies in developing new marginal fields and adding satellite wells in existing fields.

The key advantages of the monotower includes reusability and flexibility of the topsides and exchangeability of the deck. The concept of CE JackTM Monotower has been widely used and acceptable in the market as a competitive solution for marginal fields.

Our services includes complete fabrication solution both from client supplied designs and in-house generated fabrication projects. All projects are developed and approved in conjunction with the client, class society and the finished product is accompanied by a full construction databook detailing the project requirements, testing and material traceability from start to finish. We also fabricate customer solutions for a variety of operational needs, from basic equipment storage containers (including to DNV 2.7.1 standard), skids, or access platforms to fuel lines, bulk material systems and class approved structural modifications.

A typical scope would include:

  • Review of the technical drawings
  • Purchase of Class approved steel as per the technical drawings
  • Provision of Class approved welders for pre fabrication
  • Organisation of Class Society inspection of the pre fabrication
  • Pre-Fabrication including all requirements for Class approval (NDT of welds, certification of material, certification of welders, welding procedures, etc.) as per technical drawings
  • Provision of all materials and equipment to execute the pre fabrication, including machines, gasses for cutting, scaffolding, etc.
  • Painting to Class and current hull paint standards and specification
  • New documentation including drawings (data packs) including Class Society documentation
  • Project schedule identifying all major milestones based on client deadlines
  • Project meetings with Client Project team
  • Site visits (if required)
  • Production of job packages
  • Installation philosophy
  • Full Cooperation with applicable Class Society requirements


We specialise and provide piping and structural fabrications, offshore construction, and installation as well as construction management. We are committed to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for all its clients. The services offered starts from engineering design, project execution, painting up till the delivery to site for both onshore and offshore scopes.

Onshore fabrication
Offshore construction including Hook-up
Topside retrofit maintenance
Hull repair
Engineering & skid packager
Engineering & production

eng1 eng2 eng3 eng4

  • Project Management Team (PMT)
  • Consultants – Drilling, scaffolding, offshore facility,
  • General worker
  • Training


Overhauling engine
Rotating equipment repair
Coatings, surface preparation


Diesel generator
Welding Machine
Offshore basket
Habitat equipment


Pipe expansion joint
Personnel protective insulation


Partners & Clients


Compass Energy was established in 2004 to provide engineering services for the offshore oil and gas industry in Southeast Asia. It is an international company based in Singapore, a country commonly respected for being the hub of shipping and offshore support activities in Asia Pacific. Today, Compass Energy has positioned itself as a leader in ‘Intelligent Engineering’ with its outstanding service to the marine industry. They enjoy a high level of repeat business due to our clients’ appreciation and confidence in our abilities to meet the deadlines, deliver quality and be cost effective. For information, visit


Since founded in 1973, Odfjell Drilling has demonstrated its ability to conduct successful drilling operations in some of the most demanding environments on the planet. The company has established expertise in the operation of ultra deep water and harsh environment mobile offshore units in both Norwegian waters and internationally. In addition, we have built a position as a major supplier of personnel for drilling operations and maintenance on fixed and floating production platforms in the North Sea. For information, visit


Brodie Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian Private Limited Company, is licensed by PETRONAS (License No. 941495-M) as both supplier and contractor to the petrochemical & oil & gas industries. They are a proud representative of top-tier manufacturers for oil & gas industry, petrochemical, marine, power and general industry. The core activities of Brodie Oil & Gas are in distribution and maintenance of equipments.  It’s enthusiastic and dependable team has a broad range of knowledge of valves and instrumentation. For information, visit


One of the best oil and gas companies throughout the region, ranging from the exploration of the oil fields, maintenance and later for the disposal of the equipment – Integratus Maintenance Services has every single area covered. They’re experts in the maintenance & service ensures that you’ll get first class service all the time. Integratus Maintenance Service Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 02 October 2013 to provide integrated maintenance services to the oil and gas operators in Malaysia and the region. For information, visit


We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly. We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.

  • Petronas CariGali
  • sapura
  • Enquest
  • exonmobil
  • sbm
  • exxon
  • technip
  • KPOC
  • FPSO
  • jxnippon
  • edamai
  • GOM
  • TLC
  • Murphy
  • cpoc
  • petra
  • petrofac
  • spie
  • HESS
  • iss
  • kikeh
  • talisman
  • pbjv
  • ombak

QHSE Commitment

The executive leadership team, management and employees at TiME Marine are committed to being an industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental practices, to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and to protecting the environment. We believe excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental practices is vital to the well-being of all people everywhere and essential to all aspects of our global business.

The following principles guide and measure our corporate goals and objectives in Health, Safety and Environment:

  • We conduct our business so it meets or exceeds all applicable laws and regulations and minimizes risk to our employees, the public and the environment.
  • We continually promote employee safety on and off the job
  • We believe all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable.
  • We respect the diverse environments and cultures in which we operate.
  • We endeavour to do business with companies and contractors which share our Health, Safety and Environment commitment and we regularly assess their performance.
  • We practice reporting of all Health, Safety and Environment related hazards, potential hazards, incidents and near-hits.  We take every report seriously, investigate to identify facts and ensure immunity for good- faith reporting of all incidents and issues.
  • Read more about our policies:

    Business Code of Conduct | Drug & Alcohol Policy | HSE Objective | HSE Policy | Security Policy | Stop Work Policy


    Corporate Social Responsibilities

    “Create a positive influence in the communities and societies where we operate”

    TiME Marine shares a proud history of services and support to the communities in which we operate and where our employees live and work. We commit at all times to conducting business in a responsible way and demonstrate our corporate social responsibility (CSR) through a range of programs and activities.

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